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Facts about Colonoscopy

Should I have a Colonoscopy?

If you are experiencing any colorectal problems such as pain, bleeding or irregular bowel habits your doctor may suggest that you undergo a colonoscopy. If you are age 50 and over, or over 40 with a family history of colon rectal cancer or polyps, our doctors strongly recommend that you have a colonoscopy and undergo a regular screening program.


What is the difference between a Screening Colonoscopy and a Diagnostic Colonoscopy?

Diagnostic Colonoscopy: Patient has past or present history of gastrointestinal symptoms or disease, polyps, or cancer. Additionally, if the colonoscopy is performed due to physical symptoms such as rectal bleeding or pain, the procedure will be considered diagnostic.

Screening Colonoscopy: Also known as a preventative screening colonoscopy. The patient, over the age of 50, will be asymptomatic (no symptoms either past or present), without a personal or family history of gastrointestinal disease, colon polyps, or cancer. Usually, the patient has not undergone a colonoscopy within the last 10 years.

High Risk Screening Colonoscopy: Patient is asymptomatic (no gastrointestinal symptoms either past or present), but has personal history of gastrointestinal disease, colon polyps, or cancer. Patients in this category are required to undergo colonoscopy surveillance at shortened intervals (e.g. every 2-5 years).

Please note that procedures are subject to change based on findings from the procedure. It is important to understand your benefits for both screening and diagnostic colonoscopies prior to the procedure.


I came in for a Screening Colonoscopy, but they found a something. What now?

The benefits will depend on your insurance policy. Certain plans will consider the first service preventative even if the colonoscopy detects cancer, polyps, or lesions. It is important to note that after the first procedure, future procedures will be considered diagnostic. We recommend you contact your insurance company for information specific to your insurance plan.  You may also check out our billing information page for more details.


Where do I find the supplies I need before my Colonoscopy?

Our store “The Colon Store” carries the prep kits our doctors use.  We can ship them out to you or have you pick it up in store.  We only accept HSA cards, debit cards, and cash.  Call our store at 402-392-6443 to get your prep today!